LOS ANGELES — Sylvester Stallone is parting with memorabilia from the “Rocky” and “Rambo” movies, but he’s keeping the two characters alive onscreen.

The 69-year-old entertainer said Thursday that he’ll put hundreds of props and costumes from his 40-year career up for auction in October, with part of the proceeds benefiting military charities. Some of the items include Rambo’s Army jacket and Rocky’s gloves, robe and boxing trunks.

Stallone isn’t saying goodbye to the characters. Instead, he’s set to become Rocky Balboa again onscreen in “Creed” this fall and is working on another “Rambo” installment.

Stallone said today’s fascination with cinematic superheroes leaves little room for the “lone wolf” or “man against the odds” characters he likes to play.

“That’s kind of why I’m still around because I embrace that and it’s become kind of a rarity and there’s not many of us left,” he said. “Will that come around again? I don’t think so. Not in its purest form … So I embrace it and that’s why I want to continue to do it until my body explodes.”

First up is “Creed,” by writer-director Ryan Coogler. Stallone is Rocky, but this time he’s coach to a young star boxer played by Michael B. Jordan.

At work now on a screenplay for a new “Rambo” film, Stallone said, “It really is not fun.”

“Rambo has shot just about everybody. There’s no one left,” Stallone said. “We’re down to Eskimos. And penguins.”

The auction is set for Oct. 14 and 15.