Gov. LePage scolded retired librarian Louise Sullivan of Cape Elizabeth for “living in a region where people ‘exploit those who are not so fortunate’ and ignore and welcome corruption” (“LePage letter: Resigning ‘not going to happen,’ “ Local & State Dispatches, Page B2, July 29).

Cape Elizabeth’s library is currently undergoing a much-needed renovation, after debate as to how necessary a library was to a town that has more wealthy residents than the average, who could easily access and pay for whatever information or entertainment they desired.

In the end, it was acknowledged by many that a democratic institution that welcomed all, regardless of income or status, was especially important in a town like Cape Elizabeth, where there are more people with less than LePage might realize.

The library is also committed to modernizing how it delivers information via new technologies, ensuring that, no matter one’s income level, all residents can benefit from those technologies.

A renovation that ensures access of information to all people does not speak to a region that welcomes corruption. But if Cape Elizabeth does indeed harbor and welcome such, then I thank God that Louise Sullivan, whose lifelong career tells of a care for the everyman, is here to speak out against it.

Zoe Goody

Cape Elizabeth