Joe Hamilton, 29, grew up in an Italian family where Italian pastries were always on the table.

“We used to go down to Mike’s Pastry in Boston a lot and get cannolis,” he recalled. “I got tired of driving all the way down to Boston when I wanted to get one. I thought, why don’t I just try making them myself? So one day tried it and I started passing them out to my friends and family and I got good feedback.”

This summer, he decided to share his cannolis with the world. He is still working full-time at a local bakery, so he only gets his food truck out occasionally. He considers this summer a trial run for next year, when “I’m going to hit it hard every day.”

WHAT HE SELLS: Mini cannolis in four rotating flavors, including chocolate peanut butter pretzel, white chocolate raspberry, sea salt cashew caramel and chocolate Maine blueberry.

HOW MUCH: A single cannoli costs $2; three for $5; six for $10; a dozen for $18.

CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Traditional cannoli.

HOW TO FIND HIM: When he’s out, he parks on the Eastern Prom and on Spring Street from lunchtime until 7 p.m. Check for updates on Facebook.