Business partners Andy Gerry and Baxter Key, both 24, have both worked in the restaurant industry. They initially thought about serving breakfast on their first food cart, but Gerry had some seafood connections so they decided to go with what Maine tourists like best: lobster rolls. Their goal is to have a brick-and-mortar shop someday, with the cart as a side business.

In addition to making their own mayos to mix with the lobster, Gerry and Key use toasted lobster shells to make a lobster ghee – a lobster-infused brown butter.

“People love that,” Baxter said. “It just adds some extra lobster flavor. Then we give the option of adding bacon or avocado to the roll, which I haven’t really seen anywhere else.”

WHAT THEY SELL: Lobster rolls on brioche made by Southside Bakery in South Portland. The rolls can be made with just lobster, or mixed with lobster ghee or your choice of mayo: lime, jalapeno or red pepper. They also sell crab rolls made with Maine Jonah crab meat.

HOW MUCH: Lobster rolls $15, crab rolls $13. Add bacon or avocado to either sandwich for $1 extra.

CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Lobster roll with bacon and jalapeno-and-lime mayo.

HOW TO FIND THEM: They’re at Bissell Brothers on Industrial Way every Wednesday and Thursday, and at Oxbow Blending and Bottling, 49 Washington Ave., every Saturday.