Re: “Love, prosthesis bring a little horsepower to an injured foal” (Aug. 3):

The article about Angel, the foal who had to have one of her legs amputated, was wonderful. I was struck by all the kind people who are trying to help her, from the couple who give her and some 30 other rescued horses a home, to the prosthetist and orthotist who are designing prostheses for her at no charge.

Contrast their behavior with that of Walter Palmer, the dentist who spent $50,000 to kill protected wildlife with a bow and arrow over bait.

The lion he wounded was in agony until he was killed by Palmer two days later. The animal was beheaded and skinned so Palmer could get his trophies, and his remains left for hyenas.

A fitting end for the king of the jungle? The Safari Club International, of which Palmer was a member, thinks so.

Although they’re distancing themselves because of the scorching outrage Palmer has provoked, hunts like his of the world’s dwindling wildlife is what they are all about, no matter how much they call it “conservation.” (For an excellent description of how this tax-exempt killing club for the wealthy operates, I highly recommend Matthew Scully’s book “Dominion.”)

Understandably, there is much outrage that Palmer lured Cecil the lion with bait. Yet black bears in Maine are still baited, with the blessing of our Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department, ethics and fair chase be damned.

Finally, on July 30, the same day your paper published a news story on Palmer, you also reported on the unabated human population explosion. It sickens me to think of the further habitat loss and hunting pressure there will be on the world’s wildlife, which will be sold off to guys like Palmer, or whoever pays the most.

Sue Avery

Westport Island