The July 26 commentary about the historic Vienna deal with Iran, penned by Secretary of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, cannot go unchallenged (“Vienna deal is the best way to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons”).

Kerry and Moniz spout about “verification,” “unprecedented access,” “preclusion of cheating,” etc., ad nauseam. Were it not for U.S. citizens’ overriding disapproval of this agreement, one would not see this column even being published.

Consider this: “We can inspect any time, 24/7,” advisers to President Obama have touted over the past few months. Turns out that the “instant inspection” actually will only take place 24 days after being requested. Huh! Doesn’t this look stupid?

Kerry said recently that he is “disturbed” by comments made by Iranian leaders after the nuclear deal. Can you wrap your heads around this comment?

Kerry has also admitted that he has not read the secret side agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran. National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted this agreement exists.

In this agreement, Iran, among other things, will collect its own soil samples for testing at qualified facilities. Talk about getting duped – the least trustworthy party in this deal may well be the Obama administration.

Please join me in contacting our senators and members of Congress to urge them to vote against the Vienna deal, because Mr. Kerry was indeed bamboozled. The commentary that he co-authored has way too many shady statements to pass the test of time.

Peter A. Longley

Cumberland Center