A Newfield man was arrested Wednesday night on charges of eluding a police officer and aggravated reckless conduct after he led police on a car chase into New Hampshire and forced a deputy’s cruiser off the road.

Police say Kevin Fortin, 29, threatened to harm himself with a pellet gun and locked himself in a bathroom at the home of a family member on Demeritt Road in West Newfield.

Fortin told people at the home that he had weapons and would use them against law enforcement, police said. Before deputies from the York County Sheriff’s Office arrived, Fortin fled the home in a vehicle and threatened to harm anybody who tried to help him, according to police.

As Deputy Heath Mains approached Demeritt Road, Fortin drove toward the deputy’s vehicle and forced it off the road, police said.

Fortin then drove across the border to Wakefield, New Hampshire, where local police tried to stop his car. Fortin led Wakefield police and New Hampshire state troopers on a chase through that town before returning to Maine.

As Fortin approached his home in Newfield, he drove over spike mats laid down by police. He got out of his car, refused to submit to arrest and deputies used Tasers to subdue him.

After a medical assessment, Fortin was taken to the York County Jail, where he was being held in lieu of $500 cash bail Thursday. He is scheduled to appear in York County Superior Court on Sept. 11.

Fortin is also facing criminal charges in New Hampshire.

A New Hampshire state trooper was injured when he stepped on a spike mat. He was treated by Newfield Rescue personneland released.