Re: “Letter to the editor: Latest mass killings show flaws in the NRA’s logic” (Aug. 11):

First, let me address letter writer Eric Van Note’s statement that the Charleston, Holly Hill and Chattanooga shootings “are fitting cases to test the NRA’s favorite retort: ‘The best remedy for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’ ”

I agree with Mr. Van Note that these are fitting tests, but I come to an entirely different conclusion.

Each of the three incidents occurred in a gun-free zone. The good guys with guns obeyed the rules and either stayed away or went in unarmed. There were no “good guys with guns” to put a stop to the carnage.

Gun-free zones keep out only the good guys with guns. The bad guys love gun-free zones because they have little fear of being stopped.

Contrary to Mr. Van Note’s last statement, I believe our Founding Fathers did have a high “level of armament” in mind.

They had just come off a long war for independence, where, in many cases, the citizen soldier supplied his personal “state-of-the-art” firearm. They saw this as crucial to the survival of our country – and it still is.

Richard Prince

South Portland