I am a born-again Christian and animal lover. But that notwithstanding, thus far in the aftermath of the killing of Cecil the lion, it has been the furthest thing from my mind that anything good would or could come from such a senseless killing.

I forgot about God. How can a Christian do that? The same way anyone else can; i.e., by being overcome by the strength of evil rather than the hope of good. God recently sent me two reminders, and I wish to share them with you:

In the Aug. 2 Maine Sunday Telegram, an article provides sad but beneficial commentary on Cecil’s remains (“Hyenas finished off carcass of Cecil”).

Because trophies had been taken, leaving little, conservationists decided to leave the rest of his body to natural disposition. Accordingly, by God’s grace, hyenas and vultures had unexpected nourishment.

At the post office Aug. 1 to buy my customary tiger stamps, I found stock nearly depleted. This attractive postage featuring a beautiful Amur tiger cub is a “Save Vanishing Species” stamp, funds helping to conserve some of the world’s most iconic and threatened animals.

The clerk said that, because of Cecil’s demise, customers are buying the conservation postage with renewed commitment to try to help wildlife.

Love and goodness always triumph, whether or not it is immediately apparent. Our part in the face of discouragement is to pray, donate and remember the words of an old hymn, “This is My Father’s World.”

Martha Yerxa

South Portland