Shame on the Republican U.S. Senate leadership, Sen. Kelly Ayotte and the Republican presidential candidates. Congratulations to Sen. Susan Collins.

Justice Antonin Scalia was not even cold or in the ground before many of the Republicans in the Senate and elsewhere jumped on his death to turn it into a political football. It is totally shameful and shows incredible disrespect to this justice and his family.

While I personally do not subscribe to Scalia’s legal philosophy, he was a brilliant legal mind, honest and consistent. Most of the positive comments from prominent people have been from individuals who did not agree with him but nonetheless admired him as a friend and human being. May he rest in peace.

As for the political hacks who have predetermined their political actions, shame on them for their disgraceful conduct.

I personally am thankful that our Republican senator has remained above this dismal conduct, praised the justice for his service to our country and remains open-minded in the fulfillment of her duties as our representative in the Senate.

It is especially too bad that her associate from New Hampshire has joined the ugly mob.

G. Michael Loewe