When I checked the TV guide, I noticed the following listing: “Debate Among Primary Candidates Will Discuss Issues.”

Excuse me! “Debate”? “Discuss”? From my perspective, all I’ve ever heard are insinuations, rancor, interruptions, slurs, yelling, innuendos, insults, indictments and obscene language and – to top it off – issues are never specifically discussed.

The clearest and most honorable debates that I’ve heard are among high school and college students. They listen to each other with respect and follow the time limits to the minute. They display no animosity and truly stick to the issues being discussed and answer questions with facts and details.

I am beginning to believe that our political system is broken.

Some countries set parameters that only permit weeks or months to campaign before an election. Why do our campaigns start the day after the last election, with multimillions of dollars being spent to “buy” our votes?

Yes. I will vote, and my decision will not be based on meaningless rhetoric. I will choose the candidates who have clearly stated their definitive goals that will hopefully ensure a better future for coming generations.

Cecily Mills


P.S. Thank you for bringing “Doonesbury” back on Sundays.