The Penny Pincher has been hunched over his computer for weeks, parsing out who is serving what, for how much, during Maine Restaurant Week. Here are his picks for the best deals:

 The Brunswick Hotel and Tavern, where one second-course option – an 8-ounce, grass-fed New York strip steak served with a choice of side – costs more on the regular menu than the entire three-course Restaurant Week dinner. On the regular menu, according to the hotel’s website, the steak alone is $26. During Restaurant Week, diners get the steak plus appetizer and dessert for $25.

 Gather in Yarmouth is going with a $25 menu that Penny considers a real bargain. If he orders the Fried Brussels Sprouts appetizer ($8 on the regular menu) and Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Hominy Grits (normally $19), he’s already ahead, plus he’ll get whatever dessert the chef whips up.

 At Crooners and Cocktails, the three-course Restaurant Week menu costs $35. But if Penny ordered the Restaurant Week selections off the regular menu, his tab would come to $10 to $20 more than that. He gets to save money AND listen to Frank Sinatra!

 How about Shrimp and Grits, Seared Scallops and Ginger Molasses Cake at Hot Suppa for just $25? Or Chicken and Smoked Sausage Gumbo, Seared Beef Tenderloin Tips and Apple Cobbler for the same price?

 This year Ri Ra has added an extra choice each for its first- and second-course offerings. No matter which of the four dishes Penny chooses for each course, he’s basically getting his dessert course free with this $25 menu.

 Penny Pincher isn’t cheap. The whole point of pinching pennies is to save money for something really great. Penny Pincher may not be able to afford to eat regularly at Tempo Dulu, where the spectacular Indonesian Rijsttafel chef’s tasting menu runs $85 per person, before cocktails, wine pairings, tax and tip.

But he can afford to eat there during Restaurant Week, when a menu of Green Curry Lobster Soup Dumplings, Beef Rendang and Black Glutinous Rice Panna Cotta (or Mekong Mint Ice Cream), costs just $45.

That means Penny Pincher will have enough money left over to try one of those Jakarta smoky cocktails he’s been hearing other diners rave about.