In the 10 weeks that Ethan Strimling has been in office as mayor, he has doubled the cost of his position by adding an assistant at the same salary as his own (“$55,000 to $75,000, depending on experience,” according to the job listing).

Additionally, he has decided to renovate office space for his use and move other city staff to different office space than they currently occupy, costing another $5,000.

I expected him to implement social services programs that would cost the city of Portland money, because he is a Democrat. However, I did not expect him to spend so lavishly on personal use items, especially so quickly.

He has not had a chance to try the current system but has already decided that it will not work for him.

I have a challenge for Mayor Strimling: The next time I read about him proposing something, would it be possible for it to be something that saves taxpayer money, rather than spends it? Or, alternatively, I would welcome a proposal that cuts the budget, rather than adds to it.

Bennett Akira