A traffic stop in Gorham on Wednesday morning turned into a brief police chase that ended in Buxton about a half-hour later, authorities said.

A Gorham police officer spotted a Chevy S-10 truck on Route 202 about 8:30 a.m. with an expired inspection sticker and attempted to stop the vehicle near the intersection of South Street and McLellan Road, Gorham Police Chief Dan Jones said.

The driver of the truck, however, sped off, crossed into Buxton, and made a turn onto a dead-end street. Without an obvious path out, the driver made an initial attempt to runn off, but then got back into the truck and drove out the way he came in, Jones said. He stopped later of his own accord.

Arrested was Charles Pettigrow, 46. He was charged with failure to stop, driving to endanger, violating conditions of his release, failure to provide insurance, operating after a suspension, and driving with an expired inspection sticker.

No one was hurt during the chase, Jones said.