What a wonderful article about Julie Goell in the May 15 Maine Sunday Telegram (“Illness robs performer Julie Goell of all but community”).

However, the headline is totally inaccurate. Julie’s tragic illness robs her of muscular control, and that limits her speech and movement – but she’s as creative, sharp, witty, compassionate and clear thinking as ever. The Julie Goell I knew, the amazing artist and teacher, and mentor to so many, is very much alive, even if hidden to many of us because of her illness

Artists define the soul of a community. Julie Goell and her husband, Avner Eisenberg (known to many as “Avner the Eccentric”), both continue to be active creators and an inspiration to so many of us.

I only wish that the headline writers at the Portland Press Herald were as accurate as the author of this article, our valued arts reporter Bob Keyes.

Arthur Fink

Peaks Island