M.D. Harmon (“Overturned Texas abortion law aimed to save lives of women, babies,” July 1) perpetuates the lie generated by anti-choice advocates that their draconian rules, as exemplified by the struck-down Texas laws regarding abortion clinics and doctors, are relevant to the safety of pregnant women seeking an abortion.

If their concern were really the health of the woman, they would have the same rule for those giving birth: that all women giving birth must do so in a hospital, since giving birth is far more dangerous statistically than having an abortion.

Moreover, if their concern were health and safety, then they would join those of us in the pro-choice community in advocating contraception and the “morning-after pill” as the best means to avoid unwanted pregnancies (the “morning-after pill” does not result in an abortion – see Katha Pollitt’s book “Pro”).

There has been a steep reduction in the number of abortions performed in the U.S., owing to these means of preventing pregnancy, not from the unethical actions of the anti-choice movement.

Women must have the moral and ethical choice as to whether they can and should become pregnant and whether a pregnancy should be carried to term. I salute the Supreme Court for recognizing that mandate.

The Rev. Donald J. Rudalevige

Cape Elizabeth