Todd Blanchette, 30, of Portland, has been a server at El Rayo Taqueria in Scarborough for two years.

Right off the bat he describes the perks of his job: “I like my coworkers and the patrons. We keep things light, fun and casual. Each day is different and even the tourists are entertaining. … I like to crack dorky jokes with them, and especially in the summer, I get to brush up on my French.”

Blanchette enjoys greeting patrons and getting to know them while guiding them through the menu and suggesting choices, such as the “killer” enchiladas and his favorites, the fish and BBQ tacos that he has been fortunate to “taste-test.”

Blanchette has a master’s degree in history and hopes to land a full-time job teaching social studies. His schedule is “good and bad” in that it allows him to teach part time during the school year, as his shifts begin at 3:30 and end around 10:30 p.m.

However, the late hours often interfere with seeing friends who have day jobs and socialize at night.

Blanchette said he’s been paying attention to the current proposals to increase the minimum wage. He said he realizes that, for some, the wage hike would be beneficial. However, he is happy with what he earns in tips, especially in the summer, and wonders whether customers would be less inclined to leave him a generous tip if his minimum wage increases.

As for Maine first lady Ann LePage taking a waitressing job, Blanchette said, “That’s a good PR stunt by the governor’s office, but the more the merrier in this field. It’s a good life experience, so good for her.”