I can’t help but feel unimpressed and uninspired by the Democratic National Convention. As a progressive, I do not feel welcome in the Democratic Party. The nominee, while qualified, lacks the bold, ambitious agenda to move the country forward.

Rosario Dawson said it best when she said that Hillary Clinton is not a leader, but a follower. As positions become politically convenient, Clinton adopts them into her agenda. While this is inconvenient for the American people, advocates and activists can find hope in her strategy.

If we truly believe in universal health care, criminal justice reform, free public higher education, climate action and action on income inequality, women’s rights and LGBTQA-plus rights, among many others, we must organize. We must work to keep the political revolution going through electing local leaders to public office, beginning with City Council seats and continuing to Congress.

Hillary Clinton, if elected president, will follow the trend we set. When we stand together, we find strength in unity. When we stand together, we realize we send forth a ripple of hope that we can change the rigged system. When we stand together, there is not enough wealth and power that can keep us down.

Change is inevitable. The rigged political, economic and social systems we live in today are not permanent. We can make a difference. We must be the difference.

Bernie Sanders was right to say, “When we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.” For the sake of every American, we must fight for a future to believe in.

Jared Mummert