Biddeford Mayor Casavant has devoted 99 percent of his administration’s time to the downtown area. Yet the commercial base of the City of Biddeford isn’t located there. The largest taxpayers in the city are located in the southern area and far from the downtown. They include: Market Basket $43,382, Flower’s Foods Bakery $17,818, Wal-Mart $17,818, CMP $16,441 and BVH LLC Shopping Center $13,636.

The downtown has shown little meaningful revenue growth in the commercial tax base. These figures are from the 2015 City Financial Statement.

In 2011, when Mayor Casavant first took office the largest taxpayers were: MERC $54,953, Biddeford Crossing $37,302, IBC bakery $36,379, Wal-Mart $18,309, BVH LLC $13,636.

Additionally, the city’s largest employers are not located downtown. They include: SMHC hospital 1,887, UNE 796, Market Basket 315, AVX 290, Wal-Mart 275.

In 2012, the city purchased MERC at considerable expense to Biddeford taxpayers. It is now 2016 and the land where our once largest taxpayer once stood is vacant, city-owned and produces zero dollars in tax revenue. It has become instead a liability.

Where is the bonanza of tax revenue the mayor promised us five years ago?

Howard Hanson

Craig Cantara

Concerned Citizens of Biddeford