A recent letter from Ken Spirer and Joan Leitzer, calling out Susan Collins for not criticizing Donald Trump, got me thinking. Just what would it take for our vaunted “moderate” senator to repudiate her party’s presidential nominee? Already on the rapidly growing checklist of reasons to repudiate: he’s a narcissist (I’m great, I never apologize), a demagogue (only I can fix America), a racist (American judges of Mexican heritage can’t be fair), a sleazy businessman (Trump University), he’s opaque (refuses to release his recent tax returns), he’s uninformed (Russia won’t invade Ukraine), he attacks Gold Star immigrant families and equates the sacrifice of losing a son in war to his business career.

So, Senator Collins, can you tell us just what it would take for you to repudiate the worst major party presidential candidate in American history?

Or should we not hold our collective breath waiting for an answer because your stores of moral and political courage are empty?

Mark Love