As one of the four arts organizations that comprise Culture Club, Portland Ovations was delighted to see a generous demonstration of local philanthropy recognized by Noel Gallagher’s recent article (“Anonymous donor gives additional $450,000 for arts program in Portland schools,” July 27). This donor is committed not only to supporting these local nonprofit organizations, but also to the idea of helping young people establish lifelong connections to them.

Because the donor chooses to remain anonymous, we’re delighted to see this public celebration of one family’s unwavering belief in the importance of art in the lives of young people. Portland Ovations alone serves around 4,000 Portland students annually, across all grade levels, through Culture Club.

In addition to connecting Portland students with the power of live performance, Ovations provides pre- and post-performance workshops in the classrooms. We know from the hundreds of letters we receive each year that these kids are moved, inspired and often awakened to whole new experiences.

If attending Portland Ovations is something you do regularly, thank you! But do take a moment to think back to the first time you sat in a theater, what it was like to see the lights go out, to feel the adventure begin and when it’s over to think, “I must do this again.”

This is what we’re able to give to children through Culture Club, thanks to the generosity of someone who believes in the transformative power of art.

We’re grateful to work alongside our partners, the Portland Symphony Orchestra, Portland Stage Company and the Portland Museum of Art. We offer a public thank you to the donor who is setting an inspirational example of public service and philanthropy.

Felicia K. Knight

board president, Portland Ovations