Just so you know, it’s OK to openly support both Donald Trump as well as Gov. LePage. The Trump sign on the back of my Jeep has brought me lots of thumbs up as I drive along Maine highways. Never once have I gotten a negative reaction, even when I wear my red Trump hat. I believe there is much more support for these two great men than the media lets on.

I’ve followed Trump’s career for over 20 years, and I continue to be impressed with his leadership and how he turns negatives into positives. Like LePage, Trump had not been in the political arena before running for office. As such, he puts his foot in his mouth from time to time but speaks from the heart rather than saying what you want to hear just to get elected and then ignoring you.

I look at the poor performance of President Obama and think of how much better our country could do with new leadership.

I had hoped our racial relations would improve under Obama by helping our black youths improve themselves. After eight years with a black president, I think things even got worse.

When Hillary Clinton tells us that she is going to be carrying on with the Obama way of doing business, I want no part of it. The lies and corruption that surround her every day make her one of the worst candidates for president in American history.

I still feel bad about the way Bernie Sanders was pushed out of Clinton’s way by the Democratic National Committee. Sanders should have been allowed to have a rematch to the rigged election by the DNC.

Ronald Currier