In response to “Letter to the editor: Give LePage a pass on latest racial claim” (Aug. 28):

Instead of the word “racial,” the headline writer should have used the word “racist,” because that’s what Gov. LePage’s comments are.

I am a young, white woman from Maine, married to a Latino man from away, and the governor’s comments about who we should perceive as the enemies of Maine are particularly alarming to myself and my family.

These wildly thoughtless and false statements about people of color effectively tell my husband to be afraid; that the color of his skin is what he should, and will be, judged on. That’s pretty reckless.

Maine has the oldest population in the country and should be embracing people who move here to put down roots, including people of color. LePage’s white nationalist views are destructive and shortsighted at a time when we all should be welcoming racial, ethnic and religious diversity. Luckily, I know that most people of this great state do not agree with LePage’s horrifying remarks.

We can all look forward to continued assertions by LePage that he’s done so much for black people and is definitely not racist. But, as the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck …

Lydia Swann