At their caucus Tuesday evening, House Republicans ignored the opportunity to show political courage and to put the well-being of their fellow Mainers first. Instead, they put on a stark display of political cowardice and misplaced party loyalty.

Make no mistake: Gov. Paul LePage is on the ballot Nov. 8, and his spiritual coattails will drag down the entire caucus. I, for one, will hold my state representative – Republican Mike Timmons – responsible for the governor’s behavior, because Timmons had a chance to stand up and do the right thing and did nothing. I urge my fellow Mainers throughout the state to send the same message.

The Republicans had the chance to have the Republican president of the Maine Senate fill out LePage’s term if he resigned or were removed from office. But after the election, when the new Legislature is sworn in, the Senate president will likely be a Democrat.

On second thought, let’s let the voters decide.

James Broder

Cumberland Foreside