Page A2 of the Sept. 2 Press Herald presents an article on the “debt crisis” that is clearly an opinion piece rather than news. Written by Andrew Taylor of The Associated Press, it contains multiple assumptions and opinions that are without attribution or other source material.

He references steadily growing debt even though our present deficit as a percentage of our gross domestic product is lower than in recent years. He references debt forcing interest rates up even though interest rates are at historically low levels.

And he mentions that it is detrimental to “generational fairness” when Social Security and Medicare spending impinge on education, etc., although those costs could also compete with what is spent on the military-industrial complex supporting our never-ending wars.

In short, this seems more like an opinion piece espousing conservative economic goals, but without the honesty, integrity or transparency one would expect from a reputable source.

If this is indeed part of an AP series on three dozen issues at stake in the presidential election, and the Press Herald intends to continue printing what appears more like right-wing propaganda, I hope the editors attend to their due diligence and put them on the opinion pages.

Ann Morrill

South Portland