The Press Herald recently released Rep. Stephen Wood’s response to Laurie Hunt, who had challenged our Legislature to face the fact that Gov. LePage’s behavior has a negative economic impact on the state.

Wood’s sneering, nasty response showed all the grace and dignity of a schoolyard bully. For reasons that escape me, Wood tells Ms. Hunt that as a nonresident, she has no right to comment about Maine affairs.

Well, I am a Maine citizen and taxpayer and a fellow outdoorsman, and I have proudly voted for both Republican and Democratic lawmakers over the years. I respect that Wood may hold political opinions different from mine, but I reject his right to humiliate our state with crude and offensive behavior.

The tone of his letter flies in the face of responsible leadership, civil discourse and thoughtful dialogue, traditions that are essential to our democracy; it sets an abominable example for our children.

Shame on you, Mr. Wood. Following in the footsteps of Gov. LePage, you have brought dishonor on us all.

Eric Lister

Portland and Prospect Harbor