For most of my adult life, I have registered as an independent, primarily considering the views and qualities of each candidate rather than simply his or her party affiliation. This November, however, I will be voting a straight Democratic ticket.

Despite repeated instances of grossly inappropriate behavior by our governor, the Maine Republican Party has done nothing to hold him accountable for his acts. The most they can muster are timid remarks about his need for a little help.

This evasive, ineffectual behavior brings to mind the codependency of family members in an abusive, alcoholic home. The perceived power of the abuser keeps his codependents fearful and frozen in inaction. They make excuses, cover up, get defensive and blame others but never confront the (forgive the pun) elephant in the room.

Mr. LePage (no, I refuse to refer to him as “Governor”) has dishonored his office. Comments some people consider to be “honest” and “showing backbone,” I judge to be narcissistic and vulgar.

The governor of the great state of Maine should represent the best in civil society; Mr. LePage does not. He should resign immediately.

Jeanne Titherington