During her two terms in the Maine House, Democrat Janice Cooper has been a terrific advocate for the people of Yarmouth, Chebeague and Long Island – indeed, for all of Maine.

We support her re-election because she is a caring person of great integrity. Her tireless work pays off. She succeeds because she understands the diverse issues that come before the Legislature, her constituents’ problems and values, and the complex legislative process.

Janice appreciates our state’s unique natural beauty, our close community ties and the work ethic of our people. She fights to preserve these strengths and to use them to help Maine prosper and meet new challenges. She is also highly responsive to individual problems, such as the victims of the gas explosion that destroyed several houses in Yarmouth.

She is the kind of person we need in the state Legislature. Please vote for Janice. We plan to.

Al and Lois Howlett