In Gray next month, we will vote on giving the Narrow Gauge Railroad nearly $500,000 to help move here.

Megan Doyle, a staff writer for the Press Herald, wrote Sept. 20 about the railroad and its need for the grant. I wish she’d mentioned the annual reports on the railroad’s own website,, which show that it lost income in 2014 and 2015.

That loss happened in Portland, where there is already a multitude of tourists as well as residents. If there is income lost in Portland, there certainly will not be much, if any, to gain here in Gray.

Does Gray need economic development? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t believe in giving any business taxpayers’ money when there is a proven loss of income in preceding years.

I don’t know anyone who is against the Narrow Gauge Railroad moving to Gray. I ask the people of Gray to do their research and check out the website before they vote Nov. 8.

Mary Keith