I’m writing to support a “yes” vote on Question 2.

The argument that this surcharge will cause professionals and the wealthy to move out of Maine and discourage those same groups from moving here has no facts to support it. The fortunate people earning over $200,000 (after deductions) are not going to leave their jobs and move because of an extra $2,500 in taxes.

Additionally, the argument that this surcharge will affect “small businesses” as well as individuals is questionable. A “small business” is not just a mom-and-pop shop or a gas station – it also could be a physician’s or an attorney’s office.

This referendum can help schools that are squeezed between reduced funding levels and increased performance demands. None of the opposing letters have had a single suggestion to fix the problem.

It’s time for the wealthy to pay their fair share to help educate Maine’s children.

Walter Novey