Kennebec County officials are revising plans for an expansion at the Kennebec County jail after bids on the project came in more than three times higher than expected.

The bids for converting an indoor recreation space into a two-story space to house 21 inmates, which were opened earlier this month, ranged from $784,700 to $937,500. Officials had expected them to come in between $125,00 to $250,000.

Kennebec County commissioners were expected to consider the bids at their meeting Tuesday, but that decision is likely to be delayed, County Administrator Robert Devlin said.

E.S. Coffin Engineering and Surveying put the project out to bid. The money to build the project is coming from the jail’s capital improvement fund.

Some items were not critical to the expansion project but made sense to include, Devlin said. The bid included repairing a floor and replacing hot water storage tanks, which are still needed, but won’t now be part of the project.

Bidders also offered up completion schedules that range from 120 days to 224 days, longer than the county anticipated.