NEW YORK — Get this haters: Miranda Sings has her own TV show on Netflix – and it’s appropriately titled, “Haters Back Off!”

Miranda is the quirky, overly confident wannabe celebrity who wears red lipstick drawn outside her lips. She started uploading videos of herself on YouTube in 2008, and she unabashedly believes that she’s extremely talented and destined for stardom.

The character of Miranda is played by 29-year-old actress and comedian Colleen Ballinger.

Ballinger believes the original interest in Miranda came from viewers trying to figure out if she is a real person.

“The videos were getting passed around because people were trying to figure out if I was a real person, if I was an actress,” Ballinger said in a recent interview. “They loved to hate me. … I got a lot of hate mail and that’s where the term ‘haters back off’ came from because I got all this hate. And … then it slowly shifted into the fans liking the videos and I started to pick up on what was trending online and trying to … go with that and make this career snowball into something more than just a couple viral videos.”

The Miranda Sings YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers. Ballinger said that while she initially resisted revealing her identity, she now believes fans have embraced Miranda as a character. She also has her own personal YouTube channel where she posts her own videos not in character.

– From news service reports