In this too-long election cycle, one thing is clear – lack of civil discourse is obscuring the issues. That’s why Everett “Brownie” Carson, Democratic Senate candidate in District 24, has signed the Maine Council of Churches’ civil discourse covenant, pledging to refrain from personal attacks and to respectfully interact with those who do not share his point of view.

A Vietnam veteran, Brownie assisted veterans and poor people early in his career as an attorney with Pine Tree Legal Assistance, fought to protect the environment while head of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, is a devoted husband, father and grandfather, and is a volunteer ambulance driver in Harpswell.

Brownie has reached out to Republicans and Democrats alike, listening to their concerns and ideas.

Vote for Brownie Carson in District 24. He will work to improve education, support small businesses and ensure that the state has a healthy environment – goals that will benefit all Mainers.

Angela King