Experience as a 30-year veteran of law enforcement causes me concern regarding misinformation being disseminated regarding Question 1.

For more than three decades, smoking marijuana has been a civil violation resulting in neither arrest nor a criminal record. It is ludicrous to suggest that a civil violation would impede investigations of domestic violence or missing persons.

Most marijuana civil summonses, which can be useful as plea bargaining leverage, are issued as a result of a traffic stop, a search after arrest or in conjunction with a criminal investigation.

To imply that Maine coffers will benefit from the passage of Question 1 seems misleading. Consider the costs to both Maine’s lives and economy: more driving “impaired,” workplace injuries and decreased productivity.

Suffering Maine people benefit from the availability of medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana use is not good for Maine.

Research facts. Use common sense. Vote “no” on Question 1.

Frank Lyons

South Portland