Opponents of Question 2 keep saying that they agree with the goal of the state fully funding 55 percent of public education. They agree we need more pre-K programs and updated career and technical education resources and opportunities. We need to lower class sizes and give teachers more professional development. They say they agree with all that. But they offer no solutions.

In fact, they offer nothing but false and misleading claims about why voters should abandon our children and our public schools on Election Day.

As a school board member in Brunswick (where Question 2 would give us $3 million in added funding), I’ve done the research. Here are the facts:

• Question 2 will raise more than $150 million for our schools.

• That money will go into a separate, segregated account to support local schools.

• And most important: Question 2 will make more resources available to communities throughout Maine.

It’s easy for opponents to stand on the sidelines and say “no.” What’s hard is finding a solution to a chronic problem that’s persisted while an entire generation of Maine students has gone from kindergarten to graduation. Instead of properly funding education, Augusta has passed tax breaks for the wealthiest Mainers. Those same wealthy interests are opposed to Question 2.

Opponents say they agree with giving all Maine students the educational opportunities they deserve, but instead of fighting for adequate funding, they supported increased tax breaks for the wealthy. Question 2 would restore both tax fairness and critical education funding.

It’s time to stop misleading voters. It’s time to stop taking education dollars away from our children and giving them to the wealthiest Mainers. It’s time to stand up for students and vote Yes on 2.