My wife and I use the Portland International Jetport with growing frequency. We, like many who use the Jetport, are increasing in age (Maine is the state with the oldest population, with 17.8 percent over 65). The Jetport needs to become more elderly- and disability-friendly.

On our last visit, there was no curbside check-in (it was too cold). Rental car returns required one to walk the entire length of the terminal to get to the inside check-in. Unlike other major airports, no one met me in the garage for a quick return of my rental car. I had to walk with luggage into the counter to return my car (again, too cold to stand in the garage all day).

And then there is “The Ramp.” The ramp leading to and from the rental car area is an engineering faux pas. It requires one to either push luggage up a grade to go to the terminal or to maneuver down the ramp with a baggage cart over afterthought “speed bumps” to slow down your descent.

In either direction, luggage falling from carts is commonplace. Elevators are present, but not strategically placed with respect to rental car counters.

In order to attain and maintain the Jetport’s vision and mission statements, Portland needs to resolve these issues. Cold weather cannot be used as an excuse for no curbside check-in. “The Ramp” needs to go.

A more customer-friendly airport will ensure that Maine’s elderly and disabled travelers can safely and easily utilize their hometown airport.

Keith F. Henderson