On Monday the Portland City Council will consider a moratorium on development next to Fort Sumner Park. The proposed moratorium is brief – lasting only until Jan. 4 – and would provide just a few weeks of protection for the view from Fort Sumner Park.

The real value of the moratorium is the commitment it makes to the future of our parks and public grounds across the city. The proposal requires the city to review and revise its ordinances to protect the tranquility and beauty of our public green spaces from the pressures of development.

The threat to Munjoy Hill’s little park is intense, but Baxter Woods is also under pressure from nearby development. Inevitably, Portland’s growth will impact parks and cemeteries all across the city.

We urge the council to adopt the moratorium and put its shoulder to the wheel on ways to preserve and protect the legacy of Mayor Baxter so that future generations may enjoy the views, retreats and magnificent wooded and open spaces with which Portland is blessed.

Carolyn Young

Friends of Fort Sumner Park