Columnist Alan Caron (“Celebrate the system, if not the result,” Nov. 13), believes Donald Trump “won fair and square”? What election campaign was Caron following?

Five former presidents, President Obama, leaders of Trump’s own party, Pope Francis and respected leaders around the country and the world have said Trump is unfit to serve as president of the United States, and Caron wants us to support him?

Trump used every dirty, disgraceful, disgusting tactic he could against a candidate who refused to get down in the gutter with him. And, now, Caron believes we should all simply fall in line and follow a man who represents everything we tried to raise our children not to be.

I, for one, will never accept Trump as my president. I will do all that I can to discourage those I love from serving in a military force of which he is commander in chief. And I will support everyone I can find who is working to be certain Trump is publicly tried for every alleged crime, fraud and sexual abuse case that has been filed against him.

Jerry Genesio