I am a new voter in the 2nd District, and I understand that Richard Bennett is representing my family in the upcoming electoral vote.

I am writing to encourage him not to vote for Donald Trump. I feel it is important for Mr. Bennett to demand a debriefing of the CIA information on Russian interference prior to Dec. 19.

I am a registered voter but am not enrolled in a party and do not vote on party lines. Beyond the danger of the possible Russian influence, I am against Trump because he is not qualified to be president.

It has been demonstrated time and time again that he regularly lies to the media and the public, often going against his own words. He does not represent our diverse population, but only a segment of our society.

I feel it is dangerous that he refuses to attend briefings of the current administration. I also feel like he is trying to unravel the fabric of our society with the appointments he is attempting to make.

Furthermore, the chief legal advisers of the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama have both warned us that Trump will be committing several constitutional violations the moment he takes office. All of this should be carefully considered before Mr. Bennett casts his vote.

I hope that he is acting in the best interest of our country by listening to the concerns expressed by residents of the district he is representing.

Lee Leonard

Blue Hill