In our already polarized world, it is distressing to see a group insisting on funding the renovation of four Portland elementary schools totally at local taxpayer expense.

There is a middle way, as proposed by Councilors Jill Duson and Nicholas Mavodones: Fund two school projects now, request state funding next year for the two others that narrowly missed the cut and go for another local bond if state funds do not materialize. The finish line is eight years away, either way.

Of course we need strong, healthy school buildings for our children. It was not fun to see my sons’ elementary school in central Maine evacuated and torn down once the extent of long-ignored mold was documented. But we also need to respect the needs of the majority of Portland residents who do not have school-aged children but who face tax burdens that are already too heavy for many.

Betsey Remage-Healey

Peaks Island