While spitting out my coffee is not an unusual behavior of mine each time I read or listen to stupid things in the media, I pretty much spilled my coffee when I read Greg Kesich’s column about Mayor Ethan Strimling (May 3).

First, the “big debate around town” is not about the elimination of a mayor’s post or even the current person who occupies that post. The “big debate” – if Mr. Kesich could get out of his office and walk around town – is much more profound and centers on issues like the drug crisis, affordable housing for middle-income people, property tax relief for seniors like me and other matters.

Reading this paper every day, I can assure readers that Mr. Kesich doesn’t spend his energy or creative wording to advocate on behalf of these issues. His preoccupation with minutiae is what’s annoying in the media today.

Frankly, with words like “stunt,” “jealousy” and “petty perks” found in a column by the Portland Press Herald’s editorial page editor, I’m wondering if Kesich is not just auditioning for a position in the National Enquirer.

Ian Wilkerson