The Press Herald did a great job of selecting and presenting wire service reporting on Donald Trump’s triumphant visit to Saudi Arabia. Of course, he received a royal welcome. After all, he’s royalty of the American kind.

Mr. Trump’s focus seemed to be on selling arms, all kinds of arms, to the Saudi government for a huge amount of money. No strings attached – like, for example, human rights. But I can live with that.

What I can’t live with is that we don’t know if the Saudis plan to re-sell any part of these weapons of defense to our enemies. Our friends could find themselves under attack by very sophisticated weapons systems that we manufactured. I find that thought very scary.

It seems that, at least in print, the administration hasn’t addressed that possibility. I’m hoping that I’m just paranoid. But these days, does anyone know what to think on any given day?

Rachel Schwartz

South Portland