12:50 AM

U.S. to return armored plate to Maine soldier it saved Video clip included

Timothy Gilboe of Westbrook took a bullet in hand-to-hand combat in Afghanistan and lived to tell about it – when he has to.

Bill Nemitz: Hometown embraces its Silver Star hero

12:33 AM

Lester, Ross carry Red Sox to 3-1 victory over White Sox

Backup catcher David Ross hits a go-ahead double in the top of the ninth to lift Boston to its second straight win.

12:34 AM

WMTW moving to Westbrook studio occupied by WPME, WPXT

The space is already broadcast-ready and will require few changes.

1:00 AM

Our View: Raise shows what really matters to UMaine

The university chose to give an administrator a substantial raise while making other cuts.

12:20 AM

Widow upset after Maine library declines well-known horror writer’s archives

She says the papers of well-known Rick Hautala belong in his hometown of Westbrook.

Read Walker Memorial Library's letter to Holly Newstein

Top Stories

Star treatment as new Nova Scotia ferry arrives in Portland

Several photos included in this story Video clip included The ship is escorted with fanfare into the harbor, where it will put the ‘port’ back in Portland when service to-and-from Canada begins, the mayor says.
Portland greets the Nova Star: Photos
Inside the Portland-to-Nova Scotia ferry: Sleek, colorful, refined, great views

LePage: Welfare penalty to cost Maine $7 million

The U.S. wants $7 million for non-compliance that LePage says he tried to fix, but others say a big fine is unlikely and the non-compliance is from 2011.
View Temporary Assistance for Needy Families work participation rates

Bill Nemitz: Holy Thursday brings foot washing to Portland's Monument Square

Clergy from area churches perform a foot washing to kick off arguably the most sacred four days on the Christian calendar.

Conflict emerges in study used by foes of Maine rail project

The engineer who concluded that noise levels would be excessive at the site in Brunswick has plans for a residential subdivision nearby.

Final-hours push for Maine Medicaid expansion appears headed for another LePage veto

A new proposal would use federal money allocated to expand the program to help low-income Mainers buy private insurance coverage.

Reality show looks for a few good Mainers to build ‘Utopia’

Based on a show from the Netherlands, the series will task 15 people with creating a community from scratch.

Alleged Portland pimp charged federally with sexual exploitation of children

Paul Henry, 24, was arrested on Thursday after coming under investigation by Portland police in a prostitution and drug dealing case in February.

Other Maine News Headlines

Maine flood forecast hindered by missing river gauge

In the wake of severe water damage in Dexter, officials say the budget-cut device is critical to predicting conditions.

Obamacare sign-ups reach 8 million, boosted by young adults

That 35 percent of those enrollees are under age 35 is crucial to the health care law’s success.

WMTW moving to Westbrook studio occupied by WPME, WPXT

The space is already broadcast-ready and will require few changes.

Maine agency reduces bond for biofuel company by $9 million

Thermogen Industries, a biofuel startup, will only get $16 million as financial uncertainties erode support on the FAME board.

South Korean ferry evacuation was delayed; death toll rises

The captain waited for half an hour after an official said to get ready to abandon ship.

Local & State Dispatches

Thursday Portland temperature drop sets record / Registered Maine nurse sentenced on drug theft charges / National Endowment gives $892,500 to Maine art groups ... and more news from around the state.

Today's poll: $40,000 raise

Do you agree with University of Maine System Chancellor James Page's decision to give Vice Chancellor and Treasurer Rebecca Wyke a $40,000 raise?



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UMaine System administrator received $40,000 raise



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