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Wednesday September 24, 2014
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Election Letters and Columns

Letters endorsing a candidate for public office or a referendum issue on the Nov. 4 ballot are limited to 150 words. (Letters on any other subject are limited to about 300 words.) Criticism of a candidate’s opponent will be considered an endorsement of that candidate. Endorsement letters should include the office the candidate is running for and his or her party affiliation. All election-related letters and Maine Voices columns must be received by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28. Election-related letters or columns will not run after Saturday, Nov. 1. Letters should be email to:

Maine Voices Columns

Reader-submitted columns (650-750 words) should include the author's name, address and daytime phone. Columns may be edited for length and content. They may emailed to:

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Portland Press Herald e-edition

Home delivery customers will have access at no additional cost to their print subscription. Print and digital only packages will be available.

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