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March 2014


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Source: Maine Department of Labor

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News from February 2, 2014

February 2

Baseball memorabilia auction may be one for the ages

Items from an 1862 baseball game could also attract Civil War buffs.

February 2


February 2

Charles Lawton: Taking a more organic approach to economic development

Instead of imposing business on community, we should create a culture of innovation and see what arises.

February 2

Obama’s end run: Retirement plan could be ‘step in the right direction’

The MyRA program lacks some popular features of a 401(k) but guarantees return of your principal.

February 2

On the Move

New hires, promotions and awards

February 2

Kicking up the pressure: Keystone XL pipeline foes ready challenges

With another obstacle to the pipeline removed, opponents work on several fronts to fight it.

February 2

Mushroom farms are cropping up all over Maine Several photos included in this story

Several indoor fungi farms have sprouted to meet a growing year-round demand for locally grown specialty varieties.