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News from January 15, 2014

January 15

American Airlines will keep service between Maine airports and D.C.

American completed a merger deal with U.S. Airways, creating the world’s biggest airline.

January 15

J.C. Penney to cut 2,000 jobs, close 33 stores

No Maine stores are on the list of planned closures.

January 15

TransCanada may expand rail if Keystone pipeline is rejected

The company’s top executive argues that the pipeline is the safer alternative to rail, following several recent accidents involving cars carrying oil.

January 15

Private-sector opportunities led Maine’s liquor-lottery director to resign

Gerry Reid says he’s proud of his role in helping arrange a lucrative 10-year contract for the state’s liquor business.

January 15

Apple to refund $32.5 million for selling mobile apps to kids

The FTC said it had received tens of thousands of complaints about unauthorized charges.

January 16

Bank of America 4Q earnings jump nearly five-fold

The nation’s second-largest bank earned $3.44 billion in the October to December period, up from $732 million a year earlier.

January 15

After worst stock market performance of 2014, the best

One strategist sees the fluctuations as a preview of volatility for the year.

January 15

Court blocks the FCC’s open Internet order

The decision is a blow to the concept that providers must treat all of the Internet equally.

January 15

Maine trade mission to enhance ties to Iceland

The trip in June builds on a relationship that took root when shipper Eimskip set up shop in Portland.