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News from January 21, 2014

January 21

U.S. slow to adopt high-tech credit cards

Most of Europe has shifted to the more secure chip system, causing fraud rates in the U.S. to double in 10 years.

January 22

New York group emerges as buyer of bankrupt Maine railroad

Two courts will make the final ruling Thursday on the acquisition of MM&A Railway, which went bankrupt after a tragic derailment in Quebec.

January 21

Slim doubles money with loan to New York Times

Billionaire Carlos Slim’s $250 million investment in 2009, when the newspaper needed help, is paying big dividends for world’s second-richest person.

January 21

Judge sentences Halliburton manager to one year probation in oil spill

Former manager evades prison time for destroying evidence in the aftermath of the BP oil spill in 2010.

January 21

NSA work inspires cybersecurity startups

Entrepreneurs, many ex-government employees, rush to offer tools to help customers protect privacy.

January 21

Study of ‘wealth gap’ has warning, adds 210 billionaires

It undermines democracy when the 85 richest people have assets equaling those of 3.55 billion people, Oxfam says.

January 21

China’s economy growth robust, but signs of slowdown emerge

Experts say the investment binge cannot be sustained indefinitely.

January 21

Nintendo’s Wii losing games race

The market has shifted to cheap downloaded games usable on smartphones and tablets.

January 21

Retail shopping changes in the age of Amazon

New strategies aim to make shopping easier than breathing. But will consumers use them?

January 21


January 21


January 21

Overstock is first major retailer to take Bitcoins

Amazon says it has no plans to accept the online currency.

January 21

Angus King wary of calorie labeling rules for restaurants, stores Several photos included in this story

The Maine senator works to ensure new regulations are not a burden on businesses.

January 21

Maine lawmakers to consider single-payer health care system

Supporters of the bill want to adopt a government-run program, but a critic calls that unwise and expensive.

January 21

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