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Maine Retail Sales

Q4 – 2013

$4.53 Billion

Q4 – 2012

$4.45 Billion

Source: State of Maine

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News from January 22, 2014

January 22

Maine community college trustees approve contract with adjunct faculty

About 1,000 people will be covered by the agreement with the Maine Community College System.

January 23

Keystone pipeline starts to ship oil through Texas

TransCanada, determined to push ahead with the larger pipeline project, touts the thousands of jobs created by the construction of the Gulf Coast portion.

January 22

Target data thieves hide amid layers of black market criminals

Experts say they can make money without exposing themselves and will be difficult to locate.

January 23

Subcompact cars fare poorly in new crash tests Several photos included in this story

Six of the 12 cars tested – including the segment’s best-seller, the Nissan Versa – got the lowest rating of ‘poor.’

January 22

New ways to snare shoppers Several photos included in this story

The in-store experience now seeks to engage and intrigue with sight, sound and touch.

January 22



January 22

Preparing job interview answers? Think new crayon colors, creative parades

Those were topics for the oddest questions asked of applicants this year. And why are tennis balls fuzzy?

January 22

Sanford theme park makes sense, experts say

Consultants call Sanford ‘uniquely located’ for a successful, tourist-attractions development.

January 22

Solar bill fuels debate on Maine's energy future

Advocates say it would strengthen the economy by creating jobs.

January 22

Portland Pirates, civic center back liquor-revenue bill

Allowing arenas that hold a license to share income with teams would remove one obstacle in difficult lease talks.