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Saturday December 20, 2014

Portland Press Herald’s business editor Carol Coultas leads a roundtable discussion on Maine’s natural gas issues.

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Maine by the Numbers
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Hispanic or Latino populations, 2013
1.4 percent
U.S. average
17.1 percent
Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Student photos

Winners will be announced Dec. 28

  • Emily Healy, a 16-year-old virtual school student, works on a biology lab assignment with her mother Kristy at their home in Standish. John Patriquin/Staff Photographer
  • Virtual studies are a good option for Healy, who has chronic health issues and has been bullied because of her disability. John Patriquin/Staff Photographer
  • When she is not studying, Healy likes to spend time with Perky, her pet rabbit. John Patriquin/Staff Photographer
  • Healy prefers the virtual school experience, which allows her to study at home rather than attend a traditional high school. John Patriquin/Staff Photographer