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Single-Family Housing Permits Authorized in Maine

February 2014


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News from February 12, 2014

February 12

Maine sportscaster-turned-lawyer still specializes in athletics

An attorney’s new venture helping pro athletes deal with an array of problems is believed to be the first in Maine.

February 13

Maine regulators’ deal with native tribes over elver fishery collapses at key stage

The state says constitutional concerns prevent it from supporting a tribal accord crucial to its management plan.

February 12


February 12

UAW at Volkswagen: Prospect sends shiver through South

Workers at the Chattanooga plant are voting whether to establish a German-style works council.

February 12

Athletic wear going upscale in fashion world

Designers put a deluxe spin on yoga pants, sweatshirts and more as more people on-the-go trade in jeans for sports gear.

February 12

New Jersey festival offers bacon in far-out forms like floss, sundaes

And who wouldn’t want to try a pork-flavored milkshake, beer or lip balm?

February 12


February 13

Plan to boost supply of natural gas would reverse flow of pipeline in Maine

Spectra Energy wants to switch to south-to-north transport to bring the sorely needed fuel to New England and Canada from New York and Pennsylvania.